Hello MUtizens,

some of you were wondering about what exactly we are doing against People who are using 3rd Party Software which gives them advantage in many places of the game.

We’re all gamers and we know how disappointing it is to see those names on top of the ranking, in the dungeon or on other websites boasting about what they did.

For some of you it might look like we do not care about the Problem or we are just not fast enough, but you can be sure, that we are taking constant actions, to get rid of those people in order to present a game to you, the real players and fans, not those, who needs to play unfair for whatever reason.

To give you a small insight and as well a proof of what we are doing and what we did so far, we decided to go with the “Full Transparency” approach and publish the list of banned Accounts during the first Ban wave. During the coming days, we will also clean up the affected Rankings from those Accounts.

Since we just started our actions, we might have catched as well some innocent players. Please don’t panic if you think we blocked you for no reason, your account isn’t lost. You can contact our costume support. The Support will check you case manually again and unblock your account.

We thank you for your understanding. During the coming days and weeks, we will update this List every now and then.

Source and list.