Hello Mutizens,

The maintenance is now over and players can enjoy again MU Legend.
As part of today’s maintenance, a patch has been applied, please find the patch notes below:

– The servers have been restarted

Features changes

– The capacity of each server has been increased to allow more players to join at the same time.
– The 500 Bound Redzen reward for playing the Stress Test has been distributed.
– Some tweaks have been made to 64-bits system optimisations.
– Changes have been made to the login process.

Bugs fixes

– A bug displaying an incorrect fee in the auction house has been fixed.
– A bug that made the minimap disappear on some occasions has been fixed.

Known issues

– A bug in the Mythic Daily Quest preventing users to obtain their token has been reported and is currently being worked on by the developers. We are planning to release a new fix during the maintenance on 21st November.

See you on the MU Continent!
Your MU Legend team.